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OFA Good Elbows Normal
GS-59792G28M-T    GS-EL11663-T

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Xundo " Kazan" van't Krijgshof

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Kazan comes to us from a breeder in Belgium.

We had searched for a long time for a pup with specific bloodlines, and finally my friend Swa Van Koeckhoven located this fine grandson of  his dog Mike von Weiss-Sandgruben Sch3,IPO3,FH. Mike competed in 1994 World Championships for team Belgium.

Kazan has a natural full, calm, alligator grip.. And hits like a Mack truck
Click here to see him in action!

Click the links below to see his grandfather at Tommy Jensen's website


Mike von Weiss-Sandgruben  Sch3, IPO3, FH
Fado von Karthago Sch3, IPO3, FH

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Kazan  with Steve Cottrill, training director SCPWDC

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Show people don't like all black GSD's, how can you not like this handsome boy

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Man's Best Friend
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Hey that is my ball

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Kazan is one of those dog you just have to love, very stable around children and a terror on the field
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Go ahead Steve, move and make my day

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